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Welcome to Speedway Yearbooks.

We specialize in Yearbook Publishing for High Schools, Elementary Schools, College and University organizations, and for all branches of the military, including Cruise Books for Army Yearbooks, Marine Yearbooks, Air Force Yearbooks, and Navy Yearbooks.

Free Yearbook Software.
You don’t need to look any further for a Yearbook design or layout program. SuruDesigner by Digilabs is our Yearbook software of choice.  SuruDesigner is intuitive and easy to use, and a first time user can design a Yearbook in no time at all. SuruDesigner is available for the Mac and PC, and we offer it to you for Free! Click here to begin designing your Yearbook with SuruDesigner.

Free Online Ordering.
Students and alumni can now order your current or past Yearbooks online. The process is simple. All you do is include a link that we provide on any page of your website.    Students, parents, and alumni can then order Yearbooks online! Click here to find out more.

Sample Yearbooks.
The quality of our work is sourced by years of thesis and dissertation printing and binding (as PHDBookbinding.com) for hundreds of academic libraries across the country, with stringent standards and demanding turnarounds. As a result, our Yearbooks are of the highest quality, and we have references to prove it. We also offer free sample Yearbooks with the binding of your choice. But we prefer that you send us a file of your previous Yearbook from another Yearbook vendor, so we can print/bind it and have you compare our quality with theirs.

Instant Price Quote.
Our quality is high, but our prices are low. You can confirm this by getting an instant Price Quote for your Yearbook right now. Just click here.