Frequently Asked Questions

How can you charge so little for Yearbooks?
Our prices are low for several reasons.  First, we use state-of-the-art equipment that minimizes waste.  Many Yearbook vendors still use older technologies that prohibit printing a few Yearbooks or one Yearbook.  By contrast, we encourage you to be conservative when estimating how many Yearbooks you think your students will purchase.  We do this not only because we don’t want you to get stuck with Yearbooks that you can’t sell, but also because you can request additional yearbooks in quantities as low as 1.  Yearbook reprints costs the same per book as the unit price for your initial large order.  Secondly, we deal directly with you and your school and don’t pay commissions to middle-men.

Why do you not offer black/white/gray printing in your Yearbooks?
Our prices for all-color Yearbooks are so low that they still cost less than black/white/gray Yearbooks from other vendors.  All organizations can now afford all-color Yearbooks without breaking the bank.

Do you offer Yearbook design/creation software?
Yes we do.  Our main Yearbook software is SuruDesigner, and it’s Free for you to use.  SuruDesigner comes with Templates, Tutorials, and resources such as background images and artifacts to make your Yearbook look good and contemporary.
Click here to learn more about SuruDesigner, or to download and start using it now.

How can I get a sample Yearbook to look at?
You can order your Sample Yearbook by clicking here, or you can call or email us.  We’ll mail your sample free of charge.  Remember to tell us the binding style you want for your sample.  Note that we can reprint your old Yearbook from another vendor, if you supply the PDF files, and mail it to you instead of our in-house sample.