Online Ordering

Online Yearbook Ordering
That’s right, students, parents, and alumni can individually order your current or past Yearbooks online at no extra charge!  Our Free Publishing Service allows Yearbook orders to be placed through our website, using a link made available only to your school or institution.

The process is simple. All you do is share the link we provide with your students, parents, and faculty. You can also link directly from your school website.  Your Yearbook page is customized with a photo of your yearbook and a description.  Voila, parents, students, and alumni can then order your Yearbook online.
Click here to view a sample and experience the Online Ordering process.
: To generate a continuous revenue stream from your institution’s alumni, you can also offer for sale Yearbooks from previous years.

Yearbooks ordered online are delivered by mail to the address specified by the customer.

Is your Yearbook a fund raising source?  No problem.  Just let us know the amount of your markup.  We’ll add it to the production cost and list your Yearbook for the total price.  At the end of the month, we’ll transmit  your markup to the PayPal account that you designate.

We want your trust.  So you’re informed immediately by email whenever your Yearbook is purchased through our site, whether or not you’ve added a markup.  That way, you’ll know how well your book is selling or exactly how much you have coming to you if you do have a markup.