Printed Hard Cover Binding

Printed Hard Cover Binding  (Available sizes: 8.5 x 11 inches and 9 x 12 inches)

With our Printed Hard Cover Binding, your Yearbook pages are stitched separately and the cover is made separately. When both items are ready, the body is then attached to the cover.

After we print your file, the pages are stitched together, trimmed on three sides and head bands are applied to the spine. Yes, just like the highest quality documents!

Meanwhile, the cover is printed and laminated. The laminated sheet is then used for making the hard cover to the size of your Yearbook.

There’s really no need to concern yourself with the details. Just be prepared to receive your beautifully bound yearbook!

NOTE: Printed Hard Covers are personalized for Free with the names of the recipient by simply printing the name along with graphic elements on the cover. For an extra fee, graphic elements can also be applied to the cover with gold, silver, or colored foil.